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Photos: the authors

We are going through a moment of change, search for alternatives. New trends, for transportation, for the home. We are living in ever smaller spaces, for lesser time. We use alternative ways of transportation, whether for work or leisure. We are in constant motion. With fewer belongings, but with more possibilities. And to follow that lifestyle, we need objects that go with our daily needs.



solid wood, steel



A 120 x C 320 x L 210



foto suporte bike instagram 1.jpg
foto suporte bike site.jpg

In this scenario, B-Spot support was designed to make it easier to access and organize objects, from the house keys to the bycicle. Made of steel sheet and solid wood, the holder offers several possibilities of use with the minimum of interference in the environment.

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foto suporte bike 8.2 instagram.jpg
b spot instagram.jpg
foto suporte bike ambientado site.jpg

Ventura Lab

Design studio

Curitiba, Brazil


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