lab store


In 2019, we were invited by Impress Decor Brasil to develop the interior of "Impress LAB Store", a popup store for an event parallel to FIMMA 2019 (International Fair for Machinery, Raw Materials and Accessories for the Furniture Industry).

Photos: the authors



Steel, mdf, melamine laminate



Impress Decor Brasil


The concept of the project was born from the idea of a laboratory, inspired by materials experimentation. So we look for a minimalist and contemporary language, creating a space delimited by a series of tubular steel structures.

The tubes crosses the interior of the store creating connections and bringing information to customers, both used for displaying the Impress brand products and for communication. Distributed organically through space, tubes convey the idea of movement and continuity, encouraging people to move around through space and discover a new experience.

The furniture was designed using the same language as tubular structures, creating a design unit, where lines intersect and guide customers eyes to patterns and information.

Ventura Lab

Design studio

Curitiba, Brazil