Iris is a small table lamp with indirect lighting. Developed with the focus on its functionality and minimalist features, its lighting system allows the control of light intensity and also the regulation of the light beam that is directed upwards.

The development of this project was motivated by the desire to create a product that was beyond a luminous sculpture. For this project, the conceptual inspiration in aesthetic terms is in the background and serves as support for a functional lighting system. Creating a light control system was the inspiration for this project.

Photos: the author



Aluminum, steel, ABS plastic, acrylic



25 x 14,5 O





Due to its soft, indirect lighting and its size, it is ideal for home environments, cafes, restaurants or meeting rooms. Moreover, because it has extremely clean features and sober colors, it can adapt to different architectural languages and serve different consumers.

In addition to controlling the intensity of light, the product has a diaphragm system that enables user interaction with the product, controlling the upper light beam manually.

The product is designed so that the lamp can be easily changed and this experience reveals important and aesthetically appealing details that cannot be seen when the luminaire is mounted. For this, a dome undocking system was developed that facilitates the process and creates interaction between the user and the product.

All the components and the fitting systems between them have been developed meticulously and exclusively for this project. In order to arrive at the final prototype, a series of tests and models were produced until the final design was arrived at and the pieces were able to fit and work correctly.

Ventura Lab

Design studio

Curitiba, Brazil