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The Veleiro is a minimalist candle holder designed for easy movement and candle attachment. Each candle holder is made with a wood scraps from the furniture industry and carbon steel, with a silhouette that resembles a sailboat. In addition, it provides a space to store small objects or even a match box, keeping them always within the user’s reach.



solid wood, steel



Ø96 x A 75 



Veleiro gets its name from the Portuguese word ‘vela’ which translates to both ‘candle’ and ‘sail’, perfectly suiting the design.

The wooden base can hold matches or any small stuff, while the metal lid features a triangular flap with prongs that hold the candle in place. That same part is what’s used to carry the candle holder around if you need to move it.

It is a simple yet iconic product where clean lines and simplicity comes first.

Developed in 2017, it received a Honorable Mention at the most prestigious brazilian design award, the MCB Design Award.

Ventura Lab

Design studio

Curitiba, Brazil